Zinefest 2016


Saturday, August 20, 2016, 10am – 8pm @ Vaudville Mews, Des Moines, IA

2016 Roach Social Zinefest Schedule

  • 10am – 11:10am:  Skill Session 1: Ramona Muse
  • 11:20am – 12:30pm: Skill Session 2: Cat Rocketship 
    Sign up for Skill Sessions
  • 12:30pm – 2pm: Lunch break & Tabling Set Up
  • 2pm – 6pm: Zine Sale + Open Mic Zine Reading! Free and open to the public to browse and shop and listen. 
    6pm-8pm: Zine Rock Opera Presented 

List of 2016 Tablers

Artists from all over Iowa and beyond will be showcasing their independently published, handmade books at this years 2016 Roach Motel Zinefest. Stop by the Vaudeville Mews on August 20th to pick up copies of their stories, drawings and xeroxed concoctions. The fest is free and open to the public. The first 75 visitors get a goodie bag full of special items.

Anthony Licari Omaha, NE

Ashley Martian Lincoln, NE

Bob Anders aka Bob’s Retirement Hut Ames, IA
I am a product person, not process, zines are not thought out well, just slammed together, I try to be pure and follow the ‘less is more’ philosophy.

Cat Raia Minneapolis, MN

Deb Anders-Bond Ames, IA

Dave Dugan Iowa City, IA
Comics: political, auto bio, abstract, alternative, art

D Ryan Allen Des Moines, IA
Horror, science fiction, fantasy and the weird.

Emma Phillips Omaha, NE

Fluxion Iowa City, IA

Good Kid Rob Des Moines, IA
All true, queer comics. They are cruddy, but try hard. Full Color.

Hans Gehrke Davenport, IA
Comics… mixed media stuff… and also a pretty dope Donald Trump/Dwight Schrute mash-up zine.

Jesse Hedman Saint Paul, MN

Josh Mead Minneapolis, MN

Kate Larson Fairfield, IA
Adventure, fantasy and poetry comics!

Kate McDonough Mason City, IA
Creator if Pretty, Pretty Ugly Comics

Kristin M Roach Ames, IA
Short stories, recipes, and patterns about making things out of things

KZWprint Coralville, IA
screen print, letterpress and relief artist

Levi Biel Des Moines, IA

Little Feet On Ducks Johnson, IA
This horror themed issue is brimming with comics, illustrations, and short stories. Reading it will result in being swallowed into darkness and the abyss.

Lyndsay Nissen Ames, IA

Maxwell J. Singletary Oshgosh, WI

Megan Eastwood Urbandale, IA

Mia Farrell and Andy Buch Des Moines, IA
zines about spirituality, the body mind and self. Magic and heavy things in light ways.

Michael Johnson Lincoln, NE

r. logios/logios press Lincoln, NE
perzines about identity, existential semi-crises, and saving yourself through the power of words.

Robert Kelsey Saint Charles, IL
Minicomics and illustration zines featuring the lives of famous authors, puns, and fan art

Rachele Johnson Council Bluffs, IA

Samuel Locke Ward Iowa City, IA
Beasts Of Heaven is a monthly serialized dark humor/ sci-fi comic zine about a used car salesman who becomes an ultra violent barbarian maniac lady.

Saulaman Schlegel Des Moines, IA
has four types of teeth

Spivey Knapik Des Moines, IA
response to [being female] to [being] to [holding trauma] to [embodiment] to [ ]

Thadd Simpson Omaha, NE
A bunch of student-built stuff

Tiffany Sinnott Des Moines, IA

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