roach-moteldotcom-iowa-distroAmes Location/Hours

Roach Motel Distro in Iowa Music Store
300 Main Street – second floor
Ames, Iowa 50010


desmoines-distroDes Moines Location/Hours – TEMPORARILY CLOSED
Roach Motel Distro in Des Moines Social Club, Street Level
900 Mulberry Street
Des Moines, Iowa 50309
Mon–Fri 10–6, Sat 10–5, Sun 12–6
The distro is located in the Viaduct Gallery’s lounge area, you can pay for zines at the piano at the front entrance. There is metered parking and free street parking around the building’s block. FREE parking is available east of the firehouse in the ramp between 8th & 9th St. and Mulberry & Cherry St. after 5:00pm and on weekends. Enter the ramp via Mulberry St. only. Please do not park in the West End Architectural Salvage lot. 

Roach Motel
PO Box 1314
Ames, Iowa 50014
General: info AT roach-motel.com

Roach Motel is a zine distro that was founded in early 2013 by local author/artist Kristin M. Roach by partnering with an Ames indie boutique called Where It’s At. The second Roach Motel Distro was opened in Des Moines in May 2014 by partnering with the Des Moines Social Club and Viaduct Gallery. In September 2014, the Ames location moved into the Iowa Music Store where it has found its permanent home.

The distro specializes in Iowa authored and themed zines + slice of life, comic style, gardening, crafting, creativity, diy, homesteading, and animals. Though we admit to pretty much trying to sell anything you make. We are currently looking for new zines to sell on consignment.

Online Store and Catalog Offerings
Our online store is officially open and the catalog of offerings is increasing daily. There’s an In Store Catalog for titles only found at the physical distros and an Online Catalog for those sold in the online shop. If we only source one copy, it goes in the distro, if we source more, it goes in all location (physical and online).

Why “Roach Motel”?
The founder has always had a morbid sense of joy in the weirdness of her last name. And for a zine distro it just makes sense. We really like the idea of Roach Motel because it has all these scuzzy, random, eclectic, mashing together of people, germs, and drama contexts. Ranging from raw and crude to simple and homely, unexpected adventures and varying in quality.

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