Central Iowa Zine Distro Open!

Over the past decade there’s been massive cultural growth in Central Iowa, and yet, we still fail to have the one thing that would complete the picture — a place to browse and purchase zines!
By partnering up with Where It’s At (330 Main Street #20, Ames, Iowa), Roach Motel Zine Distro has carved out a brick and mortar space in the world. Now Open in an Ames, Iowa near you!
Looking for Zinesters!
We work on consignment, taking a 25% cut of all sells and sending the rest to you via check in the mail.
We favor Iowa authors OR topics on: slice of life, poetry, craft, creativity, comic style, diy, and homesteading. But we are open to whatever you are making, so send you some pictures, a pdf version, or a physical sample.
Where do we sell?
We’ll sell your zines in our online shop if you choose, at zine fests by tabling, and at our local indie boutique partner Where It’s At (330 Main Street #20, Ames, Iowa – free parking in the back, enter through the back door, shop is on the left through the glass door on the ground level).